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The hollywood couple, who are raising their daughter Jewish, married in undisclosed location. Art and Entertainment

To mark the 50th anniversary of German-Israeli diplomatic relations, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art allowed some of its most precious works to visit Berlin. A bold metaphor for the ties between the countries. Art and Entertainment

In a 19th Century town house in the fashionable Sablon area of Brussels, the Jewish Museum of Belgium is preparing to open its doors again to the public. Art and Entertainment

With pro-Palestinian demonstrations heating up in recent weeks, anti-Jewish sentiment is simmering in Europe. Berlin's Jewish festival aims for understanding this week - without politics, but with music and good food. Art and Entertainment

If the couple does head to the altar (or the chupah), this would be Theron’s first marriage. Art and Entertainment

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It's a milestone for provenance research after the sensational find of the Gurlitt art trove: The auction catalogues of Nazi art dealer Adolf Weinmüller have recently been made available to the public. Art and Entertainment

German art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt has died aged 81, with no definitive answer on what will happen to his secret collection, which included many Nazi-looted pieces. Art and Entertainment

Yet another reason to love the Beastie Boys: Those guys know how to settle a lawsuit. The band settled for an undisclosed amount with GoldieBlox over the toy company’s video ad that featured a parody of their hit song “Girls.” ”That settlement includes ... Art and Entertainment

In a strongly-worded open letter published Tuesday by The Telegraph, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters once again denied being an anti-Semite, this time invoking his Nazi-fighting father. Art and Entertainment

The director of Groundhog Day and co-writer of Animal House and Ghostbusters leaves behind a legacy of laughs, and of surprising gravity.

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The movie received 10 Oscar nominations for the upcoming March 2 Academy Awards, tied with “Gravity” for the most nominations this year. Art and Entertainment

British music impresario, and proud dad, Simon Cowell, had been chasing up his family’s Jewish roots ahead of the birth on Friday of son Eric Art and Entertainment

George Clooney was joined at the red carpet premiere of The Monuments Men Tuesday in central London by one of the men who inspired the film. Art and Entertainment

German art collector Cornelius Gurlitt, from whom authorities confiscated 1,400 works of art in Munich two years ago, had dozens more potential treasures at his second home in Salzburg, Austria, his representatives said Tuesday. Art and Entertainment

'The Wolf of Wall Street' reveals the unflinching drive and focus that is spurred by an avarice that manifests when a broker bends the rules. Convicted fraudster Greg Blank says he's not like the film's protagonist Art and Entertainment

She will continue to serve as SodaStream's global ambassador, which the star claims is not only "committed to the environment but to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine". Art and Entertainment

Actress Scarlett Johansson has quit as an ambassador for Oxfam amid a row over her support for an Israeli company that operates in the occupied West Bank. Art and Entertainment

Oklahoma University and its Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art are being sued by a French woman who claims a painting in its collection was stolen from her father by the Nazis Art and Entertainment

A noted Jewish-British cinematic historian has claimed that the world’s most famous rabbit displays prominent Jewish characteristics. Art and Entertainment

If you want to get supporters of boycotts against Israel into high dudgeon just try observing, as Larry Summers has, that such boycotts are “anti-Semitic in their effect if not necessarily in their intent.” Art and Entertainment

The murder of Shafik Kabha raises questions about the rampant violence in the Israeli Arab community Art and Entertainment

Seventy years after the Nazis stole his family's artworks, Lionel Salem is still waiting for their return. In the painfully slow restitution process, the emotional impact on the affected families often gets overlooked. Art and Entertainment

Germany’s plan to hand hundreds of confiscated paintings back to the son of a Nazi art dealer has raised the wrath of Jewish organizations. The World Jewish Congress, meanwhile, has stated the country's reputation is on the line. Art and Entertainment

More missing art surfaces in Stuttgart as magazines spot Cornelius Gurlitt who reportedly hid £1bn of masterpieces in Munich flat Art and Entertainment

A collection of 1,500 artworks confiscated by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s has been found in the German city of Munich, media reports say. Art and Entertainment

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