The Jewish Weekly Review is an independent weekly newspaper in Australia, carrying news, features and analysis on Australian Jewry, the global Jewish world, and Israel.

It is distributed throughout Australia by way of email to our large and ever growing data base.

The Jewish Weekly Review gives voice to the vast array of voices in the Jewish community, and strives scrupulously to keep all editorial opinion out of the news columns. Its editorial page is independent and represents the opinions of the editorial board.

The Jewish Weekly Review serves a broad range of organizations and individuals with its lively mix of news, features and opinions.

The paper’s readers include the majority of Australian Jewry across the broad political and religious spectrum, as well as people from other faith groups and ethnic groups, the Australian government, and others who need to understand Jewry and interact with it. It is the forum for debate and the major source of news on Jewry including business, the arts, welfare, the professions, politics and society.